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Turkey location server colocation

Location Server Colocation in Turkey and Cheap Electricity Advantages

In today’s business landscape, a significant number of enterprises are turning to server hosting services to meet their needs for data storage, processing power, and efficient application deployment. Turkey stands out with various advantages in this regard. This article will explore the prominent factors related to hosting servers and cheap electricity in Turkey.

  1. Strategic Geographical Location

Turkey holds a strategic position at the intersection of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Situated at this geographical crossroads, Turkey offers an ideal location for businesses. Distributing data centers geographically ensures fast access and low latency, making Turkey an attractive choice for hosting servers.

  1. High-Performance Infrastructure

In recent years, Turkey has made significant investments in infrastructure development. The enhancement of fiber optic infrastructure, high-speed internet connections, and robust network infrastructure provide Turkey with a competitive edge in server hosting services.

  1. Competitive Prices and Low Operating Costs

Turkey is considered a competitive country in terms of energy costs. Its access to inexpensive electricity sources allows businesses to reduce their energy expenses. This cost advantage makes Turkey an appealing destination for businesses seeking to minimize their operating costs in hosting server services.

  1. Renewable Energy Potential

Turkey has substantial potential in renewable energy sources. Clean energy sources like wind and solar power contribute to establishing a sustainable and eco-friendly energy infrastructure. This not only promotes environmental awareness but also helps keep energy costs low.

  1. Security and High Data Privacy Standards

Turkey places significant importance on data security and privacy within a robust legal framework. This commitment provides businesses opting for server hosting services in Turkey with an advantageous environment for data security.


Turkey, with its hosting server services and advantages in cheap electricity, offers various opportunities for businesses. Its strategic geographical location, high-performance infrastructure, competitive pricing, and commitment to security measures make Turkey an attractive destination for international businesses in the server hosting sector. These advantages strengthen Turkey’s role in the information technology sector and position it competitively on the global stage.

What are the average electricity costs for data centres in Turkey?

Datacentre electricity prices in Turkey are priced as 0.20$ on average.

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