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Crypto payment gateway alternatives

What are Cryptomus crypto payment gateway features?

No rolling reserves/

Global coverage

Zero chargebacks/

Instant transactions

Volatility protection

Automatic conversion of incoming payments into stablecoins will protect against cryptocurrency volatility, same as the Withdrawal auto-convert feature, that allows you to withdraw your crypto in a preferred currency – and both features are completely free to use!

Support team

The support team, that is available in Telegram, by email, right on our website in the form of tickets or as a personal manager for our merchants, is always there to solve issues and answer your customers’ questions instantly.

Transactions status management

Adjust the allowed payment accuracy, view if an invoice has been overpaid or underpaid and send an additional invoice to collect a remaining amount.

Mass payouts

Make mass payouts to thousands of addresses with automatic conversion in just one moment.

Flexible commissions for each coin

Set additional commissions or add a discount for chosen coins.

Cryptomus E-commerce plugins and apps

Quick integration of the cryptocurrency payment gateway in just a few clicks with ready-made Cryptomus plugins and applications for E-Commerce.

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Cryptomus Api list


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